We're excited to drive enormous revenue for online retailers through better segmentation, instantly!”

Matt Williamson
Co-Founder & CEO
Windsor Circle

eCommerce Integration for Email Marketing

Windsor Circle's software connects your eCommerce plaform to your email marketing platform. Our solution automates customer segmentation based on purchase history and other data, creating and updating customer lists in your ESP.  Learn more at www.windsorcircle.com/how-it-works

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Triggered Product Emails.

Retailers can send targeted emails based on products purchased.

Understand Customer Segmentation.

Learn how to identify your best customers, most loyal customers, churning customers, and more.

Right Customer. Right Email. Right Time.

Develop a powerful eCommerce-based email marketing strategy, helping you develop relevant offers.

Free White Paper:
eCommerce Customer Segmentation

Optimize Conversions and Revenue with Triggered Product Emails.

Free White Paper

This informative white paper explores customer segmentation and triggered product emails, both highly effective strategies for retailers, enabled by leveraging purchase history data and email marketing tools.

GolfEtail.com saw a 284% increase in conversions after enabling automatic segmentation between Left-Handed and Right-Handed Golfers. GolfEtail also saw a 256% increase in clickthrough rate, and a 170% increase in open rate.

“We increased our conversion rate to left-handed golfers almost 300% thanks to Windsor Circle"

—  Marc Ducey, Co-Founder & President, GolfEtail.com

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